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Project description

The Belgian insurance technology startup, WeGroup, recognized the need to showcase their expertise and leadership in the insurance industry. With technology rapidly changing the industry, they reached out to VNKR Studios to create an online video and podcast series to highlight the impact of technology on the insurance industry.


To make a lasting impression, our team decided to approach the project with a focus on creating an audio-first experience. For the first set, we utilized furniture and interior elements from WeGroup’s headquarters to create a unique and authentic look. For the second and final set, we pushed the boundaries and came up with a completely new and different aesthetic, showcasing our versatility and creativity.

The Result

Our collaboration resulted in a captivating and impactful video and podcast series. The innovative use of WeGroup’s headquarters and a unique aesthetic in the second set of episodes made for a standout production that was well received by industry professionals, clients, and prospects.


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