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Project description

VNKR Studios joined forces with Websteak Marketing on a project for CHEP, a global leader in logistics solutions. The objective was to create a new video format called “CHEP Talks.” In these videos, CHEP invites prominent figures from the logistics industry to share their stories and perspectives on various supply chain-related topics. These insightful conversations provide valuable insights on the latest trends and developments in the logistics world and are directed towards CHEP’s clients, prospects, and industry peers.


The initial episodes of “CHEP Talks” were filmed on location at CHEP’s Mechelen offices. However, after reviewing the production process, it was determined that it would be more efficient to film future episodes at our Antwerp studio. Our team transformed the studio into a professional and engaging setting, ensuring a seamless and effective process from start to finish.

The Result

Our collaboration with Websteak Marketing resulted in the successful delivery of high-quality “CHEP Talks” videos to their audience. The seamless and effective process of production and distribution has allowed CHEP to effectively communicate with their clients, prospects, and peers in the logistics world.


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